A New Year

Hello from The Esther School! We are busily preparing for the new school year starting September 1. Classrooms are being cleaned and set up. Lesson plans are being created and we are eager to welcome the students! This year, The Esther School (TES) will teach 98 students, from preschool to Grade 2. On Friday, students and their parents will come to TES for the Open House. During this time, students will meet their teachers, visit their classrooms, and pick up their school supplies. This year’s uniforms and shoes were purchased from local, Zambian businesses rather than US suppliers. This change moves allows us to support the local community.

Another change to TES is the newly built kitchen. The new building comes equipped with two concession-type windows for easy distribution and a sink trough for the students to wash their hands after lunch. Two new teacher houses join the growing campus. In addition, many new faces joined the staff this year. Brent Miedema is the new administrator of construction and finance. Serving with him is his wife, Kathy, and four kids Alaina, Seth, Lacy, and Ava. Cecelia Walden joins TES as the new preschool teacher. Heather Miedema is starting a music program at TES. Dana Krol joins TES as the student sponsor coordinator and communications specialist.

Please keep The Esther School in our prayers as we begin this new school year. We know it is by God’s will and power that we are here doing this work. Here are some updated prayer requests:

  • For completion of the work needed to be done before school
  • For the staff, new and old, as we adjust and prepare for a new year
  • First day of school: that the students and the teachers are prepared and can set a strong foundation for the year
  • Continue to build relations with the families and community of TES

Thank you for your prayers and support!