Every child deserves the chance to dream. Here at The Esther School, we believe children are bursting with hope and brimming with potential. They hold big dreams for themselves and their futures. Their dreams thrive only when they are given the space and opportunity to live out those dreams.

The Esther School is entering a new, exciting phase: Secondary School! Lower secondary, or what we call middle school, begins in Grade 8 and ends in Grade 9. In 2019, students at The Esther School will be entering Grade 7, their last year of primary school. In order to keep sending them to school, we have to keep building.

How You Can Help:

Join us in creating space for these children’s dreams! Your gift will help awaken dreams and build futures.



Awaken Dreams. Build Futures. Campaign

Phase One: Grade 7-9 Classroom Building - $120,000

  • Constructing Grade 7-9 classrooms

  • Furnishing classrooms with supplies

  • Fitting and equipping of science and technology lab

Phase Two: New Bathrooms - $45,000

  • Provides another set of clean, hygienic bathrooms for the growing number of students. This is especially important for girls as they get older.

Phase Three: Additional Staff Housing - $85,000

  • Constructs and provides additional housing for the staff needed for grade 7, 8, and 9.

Total goal: $250,000 in 18 months

Download one-page impact sheet >>


Why this is important:

  • Only 30.5% of children actually attend secondary school, with the majority dropping off at grade 7

  • Girls are more vulnerable to dropping out. Once girls hit puberty, they typically miss a week of school each month because schools don’t have hygienic bathrooms or access to sanitary pads

  • Continuing their education opens the doors for future job opportunities.

  • Family impact. By impacting even one, it changes the direction of that entire family. Impact one, impact many.